Our certificates

At Ritmo Veggies we guarantee the quality and safety of the food throughout the whole process.

All our farmer partners and handling warehouses are certified to ensure good farming practices, the health and welfare of workers, the safety of food when handled and the highest level of consumer protection.



At Ritmo Veggies we have implemented Global GAP certification with our farmers, a worldwide standard for good agricultural practices, thus guaranteeing their access to the most demanding markets.

But Global GAP is not just a certification; it is a tool for safe and sustainable agriculture, with the added value of increased customer confidence.

Thanks to it, we ensure compliance with the legality, safety and food quality of our vegetables. In addition, the standardisation of processes means significant cost savings for the farmer.


We also have the IFS certification, meaning that we comply with the requirements of European distributors in terms of food quality and safety.

With it, we guarantee traceability in the event of incidents, the establishment of harmonised and adapted processes to guarantee food safety, the safety of our crops, respect for the environment and our commitment to the health, safety, professional and human development of our employees and social responsibility.


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