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There are numerous varieties of broccoli, including romanesco or calabrese. The most common broccoli has large, fleshy green heads, 10 to 20 cm, and thick stems.

Production areas

The increase in broccoli consumption has meant that its cultivation has spread rapidly all over the planet. In Spain, it has gone from being an almost unknown vegetable to being one of the top five producers worldwide.

Its best season

Broccoli is a plant that grows mainly during the cooler seasons. We grow them as soon as the summer is over, in September, and extend the season until May.


Half of the Spanish production comes from the Region of Murcia. And it is here that Ritmo Veggies and its partner farmers cultivate a total of 100 hectares.


Our broccoli

Everything good is worthy of becoming popular, and broccoli, one of the best of all vegetables, has certainly become popular. It is considered to be one of the foods with the highest nutritional values, which makes it worthy of being called a superfood.

This has meant a general increase in consumption and cultivation, to which Ritmo Veggies has contributed by offering fresh, fleshy, green and tasty broccoli on the market.

One of the most important vegetables for the human being

You should include broccoli in your diet. You really should. Broccoli has many properties that make it an essential food in your recipes. It contains high fibre content and no fat, strengthens the defences, has purifying and antioxidant benefits and is a cancer-preventing food.



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Broccoli cultivation

Broccoli is very easy to grow, but it needs a series of care and requirements that we know very well.

It is a plant that requires cold, so it is necessary to avoid the time of inflorescence formation coinciding with months of very high temperatures. It should also not be exposed to severe frosts or it could be lost.

The plant can reach a height of 90 cm and is edible if harvested before flowering. Otherwise, its nutrients are lost and the flowers on the head turn bright yellow.

Broccoli likes very wet soil, but with good drainage, so it should be watered regularly and abundantly, but without waterlogging the soil. It is also very demanding in terms of nutrients, specifically potassium and nitrogen.


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